Trouble Shooting

  • Chin Down
  • Improve Head Movement
  • Fix a Bloody Nose
  • Rear Elbow to Body
  • No Chicken Wings 
  • Body Behind Punch 
  • Rotational Balance 
  • Same Hand/Foot Co-ordination
  • Opposite Hand/Foot Co-ordination 

Roll a rag or wash cloth and place it between your chin and lead shoulder. Do not place it on your chest because that will cause a wide stance. You can shadow box with all lead hand punches and slips to the power side (bow), but do not use power hand shots or slips to the lead side (fall). 

With a vertical piece of tape on the mirror you can practice slipping, rolling, bobbing & weaving. 

Here's a quick tip to repair a chronic bloody nose as a result from getting punched in the face. Bloody noses happen, but if it happens EVERY TIME you spar then try this for about a week.

Keep your solar plexus protected by the rear elbow, practicing with a rag under that elbow. Holding a rag there is similar pressure needed to protect that spot when in your ready position. 

Get in your boxing stance with your power side shoulder against a smooth wall. Keeping your thumb up and your elbow down, rotate your shoulders and squash your bug, throwing your straight power punch. Keep your shoulder against the wall, forcing your elbow to stay down. 

Get in boxing stance with medicine ball loaded in power hand near power side cheek. Use straight lead arm to point where you want the ball to go. Explosively pull the lead shoulder back while squashing the bug on the power side foot. Get the ball and repeat.

Practice keeping your balance by using a small medicine ball or weight and swing your arms side to side, squashing both bugs, and shifting your weight 60/40 from side to side

Practice punching and stepping with same hand and same foot; throw left when you step with the left foot, and throw right when you step with the right foot 

Practice punching and stepping with the opposite hand and foot; throw left when you step with the right foot, and throw right when you step with the left foot

WARNING: Some of the videos contain swearing, and inappropriate language. Boxing is a contact sport where injury and/or death may result. The information on and associated materials are intended for educational and instructional purposes only. Use at your own risk. Under 18 years old please use adult supervision if attempting any of these drills. All content is copy written and owned by Coach Chadrick LLC. Boxing is a physically demanding activity. Please check with your doctor before you begin any new sport or fitness program.

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