Other Prep

  • Boxer Slips in the Shower 
  • Fitting Head Gear
  • Molding a Mouth Piece
  • Soften Your Nose 
  • Example Gym Layout for Garage/Basement

Here's a drill you can do daily in the shower after practice to improve your head movement. Kind of crazy how well it works! And it also works your balance at the same time so you don't slip.

DO NOT place the headgear directly on the eye brows. Lots of people think they want to get as much coverage as possible but it is at the expense of vision. First rule of boxing is hands up and HEAD DOWN. You need to be able to look through the eyebrows.

1. Untie and loosen the back and top of headgear and set it so it sits half an inch (1cm) above the eyebrows

2. Tie the chin strap

3. Tie the top

4. Tighten/tie the back

My favorite mouthpieces are the cheap clear ones because they mold really soft and make it super easy.

1. Read/follow instructions (some require ten seconds others longer, in hot water)

2. Boil water and place in large cup or small bowl

3. Put mouthpiece in water, using the suggested time from instructions, watch for when it goes soft

4. Remove it from the HOT water using an instrument (spoon, knife, screw driver) (optional: quick rinse under cold water)

5. Put mouthpiece in your mouth. DO NOT bite it! Suck on it with your tongue pressing hard to the roof of your mouth, and use your hands to press against your cheeks to form around your teeth

6. Rinse with cold water. It should lock into place and allow you to breathe and talk freely

Remember, I am NOT a doctor. I never even enrolled into a biology class in high school. I've been doing this trick for years and I'm still as handsome as grandma said I was decades ago. 

With that, only a portion of the nose is bone and the rest is cartilage, so you can press on it, down, back and forth, and rub it in circles until it becomes more malleable. This may prevent breaks because there will be less leverage from the tip to the base

Sample Gym Layout Garage/Basement

Here's an example of how to set up a two car garage (24'x24') for a small training area. The first BGKY Boxing gym was only 30'x30' and we could train 8 people comfortably for boxing drills and more for conditioning. 

Here are a few tips:

  • place the ring near the garage door (you cannot open the overhead door if you hang the bags there). The large black square in our videos is only 9'x9'. If you work the ring keeping at least one foot inside then that will give you almost 15'x15' space. 
  • place the bags and equipment around the edge of the room, about 4-6' from the wall. Instead of a garage, you can use an unfinished basement. Consider the rooms above you. A heavy punching bag will eventually put stress on the wood support you attach it to, and will cause squeaks in the floor above. The edge of the room is where most of the furniture is, with less foot traffic, and therefore less annoying floor noises.
  • a padded floor is suggested for the drilling area. Make sure the head is protected in case someone falls (one of the reasons why boxing rings are padded is to protect against more head damage during a knockout) 

WARNING: Some of the videos contain swearing, and inappropriate language. Boxing is a contact sport where injury and/or death may result. The information on and associated materials are intended for educational and instructional purposes only. Use at your own risk. Under 18 years old please use adult supervision if attempting any of these drills. All content is copy written and owned by Coach Chadrick LLC. Boxing is a physically demanding activity. Please check with your doctor before you begin any new sport or fitness program.

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