• Best Hand Wrap w/ Knuckle Pad
  • Best Competition Wrap for AIBA & USA Boxing
  • Basic Wrap - Left & Right (108")
  • 180" Advanced Wrap
  • 180" Pro Style Wrap 
  • How to Roll Your Wraps 
  • Boxer Knuckle Injury Care 

Best Gym Wrap w/ Knuckle Pad

Here's how to wrap your hands with a sock pad to best prevent injury to your knuckles.

Here's an example of using gauze and tape for a competition wrap using the guidelines by AIBA and USA Boxing.

Basic Wrap - Left & Right

Support the wrist, pad knuckles, protect the metacarpals.  

Similar to above and add the thumb loop drawing the cross to the knuckle and to the wrist. 

For some reason people always want to put this thick wrap between their knuckles that are almost nothing but delicate tendons. When trainers wrap pro hands for competition we use surgical gauze and small pieces of athletic tape between the fingers, not thick cotton wrap. 

I do not suggest wrapping between your fingers, but if you choose to do so, do it like this. 

Rolling Your Wraps

here's how to roll your wraps up for neat and tidy storage. 

Here's a little trick to protect your injured second or third knuckle, with a pad and a space cut out. 

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