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Josh says to me the other day (after the first time he had open spar) that he's not sure what sparring is supposed to look like, let alone what to expect for an amateur competition. That got me looking through some old files on my computer and uploaded these. One of the reasons I picked WKU in Bowling Green, Kentucky (USA) for this project is because my experience of college boxing is what most people are looking for when they enter a boxing gym; an intense activity that will fit into their lives. The truth is, the young man or women fighting to make it to the Olympics, or turn professional (to put food on their table), is not the average person entering the gym. There's a disconnect from entry to elite. Boxing, at ANY competition level, is intense and takes dedication and determination. College boxing is a league specifically for those boxers who have other priorities (education) before boxing, similar to the average person. To reiterate, this site is intended for those who cannot get to a real gym with real coaches, which is why college boxing and this WKU Team is perfect to example what entry level boxing looks like. 

Go watch an elementary or middle school basketball game. Maybe one or two of the kids have real potential, but most of them are awkward and somewhat uncoordinated as they dribble up and down the court, passing and shooting. Boxing is not fighting. It is a sport, and just like any other sport, patience in learning new skills is key. My request is that you hold yourself (and others that you are judging) to a standard that challenges you but does not hold you back. Just because you think you look like Floyd when you shadowbox does not mean those same skills will effectively translate to the ring. 

With all that in mind, here's a quick lesson to STUDY film:
  • watch entire round completely, making preliminary observations
  • re-watch the round for the red corner feet, hands, head movement, counters
  • re-watch the round for the blue corner feet, hands, head movement, counters 
  • if you see something you like, whether offessively or defensively, rewind 30 seconds to see how and why they set that up

Mei (UCLA white head gear) loses this first fight at the 2014 USIBA Nationals. I'm still proud of her for her performance though, where she was moving her head, countering, using angles, and experimenting with her range and positioning.

WARNING: Some of the videos contain swearing, and inappropriate language. Boxing is a contact sport where injury and/or death may result. The information on and associated materials are intended for educational and instructional purposes only. Use at your own risk. Under 18 years old please use adult supervision if attempting any of these drills. All content is copy written and owned by Coach Chadrick LLC. Boxing is a physically demanding activity. Please check with your doctor before you begin any new sport or fitness program.

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