Example - Carrie

This example is not common but easily achievable by anyone who has discipline, and dedication to improvement. Carrie is by far the boxer in our gym with the most improved skills in the least amount of time. She started boxing in June of 2016. Starting with the fitness classes for a couple of months, but eventually (I think around end of September) she began drilling and soon after sparring with the guys on our team. It's not always pretty, and sometimes she's challenged, but always gets up stronger. In the Members area you can watch Carrie's Page with almost a dozen videos, witnessing her progress. Here are 3 milestone sparring sessions to inspire you to start your boxing career. What will you create when you put your mind to it?

Carrie - Jabs Drills - 10/03/16 - Ep099

Carrie (grey shirt), Taylor and Mike have the whole 20'x20' ring to practice jab defenses.

Carrie - First Spar - 10/28/16 - Ep111

Carrie's first spar with open jabs, straight rights and hooks. 

Carrie - Mock Fights - 12/28/16 - Ep128

Mock Fights are pretend competition days where the members practice pretend weigh ins, doctor pre-medical, then spar in front of friends and family, just like they will on a real boxing day. This is Carrie's first Mock Day and with Mustafa and Joey. There are three of them so they rotate every minute, getting two minutes of work and one minute of rest. 

WARNING: Some of the videos contain swearing, and inappropriate language. Boxing is a contact sport where injury and/or death may result. The information on and associated materials are intended for educational and instructional purposes only. Use at your own risk. Under 18 years old please use adult supervision if attempting any of these drills. All content is copy written and owned by Coach Chadrick LLC. Boxing is a physically demanding activity. Please check with your doctor before you begin any new sport or fitness program.

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